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How will I pay for my appointment?

The Nucleus Clinic is a non-profit clinic and is able to operate because of federal and state grants, patient fees and the generosity of donors. Because we are here to ensure the health of our patients, we charge very low fees for our services. Fees are charged depending on the patient’s age, family size and family income. Medical Assistance insurance is also accepted at Nucleus Clinic. We never turn anyone away if unable to pay.


The Minnesota Family Planning Program (MFPP) is an insurance program that operates through the state of Minnesota. It provides 100% coverage for family planning (i.e. pregnancy prevention) services. This includes annual exams and contraceptives. Nucleus Clinic's staff will assist with the application process. Note that not all patients will qualify.

Services MFPP Covers:
  • Family planning (birth control) office visits, exams, counseling, and education

  • Contraceptive pharmaceuticals and supplies

  • Diagnosis and treatment of STI diagnosed during a family planning visit (For more information,

  • Pharmacy services

  • Voluntary sterilization

  • Laboratory tests

  • HIV testing and counseling

For more information, please contact us at 763-755-5300

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